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The XK X250 Alien is here from outerspace to blow your mind with its unique design and and high-end technology features.

High end technology of the X250 Alien

The XK X250 Alien has the out of space look and moves. This drone is made of one piece, an aerodynamic design, to create more speed and acrobatic features. With a 3.7v 800mAh battery the flight duration is up to 12 minutes and the flight range of the quadcopter is an approximate 300 meters. Be carefull to not fly this alien back to outerspace!

Aerodynamic design

The XK X250 is made of one piece, which gives it a smooth and sharp design. it is also very light, and therefor extremly fast. If you like to race, this little alien will become your best friend.

Battery warning

The XK X250 has an alarm function for low battery power. All leds will start flashing which means it is time to bring the drone back to the ground again to recharge the battery. 

Product Size : 194mm x 194mm x 61mm

Flying Weight : 100g

Motor : 8520 coreless main motor

Battery : 3.7v 800mah 20C Lipo

Flying Time : 8-12 minutes

Charge Time : 30-60 minutes