Klotz R50 Technplt 946Ml Easy Pour OilKl-104

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R 50 is a synthetic lubricant was developed exclusively for use in Hi-RPM racing engines.

TechniPlate R 50 racing lubricity system protects engines from extreme heat and virtually eliminates engine wear.

R 50 film strength is comparable to castor oil, but has the benefits of Clean Burn technology. Not alcohol compatible.

• Recommended for 2-stroke kart applications running 12,000+ RPM
• Recommended for power valve engines
• Identifiable Klotz red and racy scent
• Improves throttle response
• Extreme film strength protects engine parts from metal-to-metal contact
• Clean Burn™ for low smoke and prevents plug fouling
• High temperature stability reduces power valve deposits
• Blends with gasoline only
• Pre-mix only-not intended for oil injection