Hobbyboss 1:700 Russian Navy Typh

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The TYPHOON class ballistic missile submarine is the largest submarine in the world by far .It was one of the most feared weapons of the Cold War. The submarine's design includes features for traveling under ice and breaking ice. Each submarine is capable of carrying twenty long-range ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. The missile has a range of up to 10,000 km and was once aimed at the United States . The lead unit of this class was commissioned in September 1980 and introduced into the Northern fleet on 12 December 1981. During 1981 to 1989, six Typhoon submarines entered service. A seventh vessel was begun but never finished.
Item No 87019
Item Name Russian Navy Typhoon class Submarine
Bar Code 6939319270191
Scale 1:700
Item Type Static kit
Model Dimension ?Length: 245.2mm ?Beam: 42.0mm
Total Plastic Parts 19pcs
Total Sprues 1 sprue, upper, lower hull, stand
Camouflage Scheme Russian navy
Released Date 2007-12
More Features with display stand and the name plate in silk-screen,both surface & diving bridge available.