Autoworld 1:18 1971 Plymouth Gtx Mcacn

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In 1971, the Plymouth GTX played the role as the more luxurious counterpart to the stripped-down Plymouth Road Runner. The early 1970s began the drawdown of the bigdogs in the muscle car world. At 385hp, the 1971 Plymouth GTX 440 Six Barrel remained
mostly unchanged from a power standpoint from the previous years. It was a beast that competed with the best of the muscle cars of the day running under 14 seconds in the quarter mile, topping off at more than 100mph. After 1971, the Plymouth GTX became an
optional package on the Plymouth Road Runner, rather than a stand-alone badge.

Painted in FY1 Lemon Twist with a white interior, Auto World has replicated this highly-optioned and well-known 1971 Plymouth GTX that was formerly part of the Tim Wellborn collection. Recently, it passed through a Mecum auction on its way to a new owner. This car has been featured in multiple magazines including Muscle Car Review and Mopar Collectors Guide. It is one of the finest examples of a 1971 Plymouth GTX that survives today.

• Detailed Engine
• Steerable Front Wheels
• Accurate Interior and Chassis
• Opening Doors, Trunk and Hood