Saito FG-100Ts 4C Twin Gas Elec/IgnW/Mt

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100cc Twin.
Canister is unnecessary. 
Mellow 4st boxer sound with
standard exhaust. A perfect
engine for aerobatic and scale models in 2st-70cc class. 
Ultra-fuel efficiency. Approx.
20cc/minute (full throttle at ground bench).

Displacement    100.3cc

Bore      43.6mm x 2

Stroke   33.6mm x 2

Weight Main Body : 4,040g

Mufflers : 180g

Ignition : 160g

Ground Max       5,500ï½Âž6,000rpm

ï¼ÂˆMejzlik 26”ï½Â˜12”ï¼Â‰

Prop      25"×12"ï½Âž27"×10"