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All unicorns are quiet creatures, but the pink unicorn represents the spirited branch of the family. Their bright-colored manes and been passed from generation to generation, along with their desire for journeys and adventures. Still, they are rarely seen by humans and almost never allow riders.

  • Scientific Name: U. Unicorneus roseus
  • Characteristics: This pink unicorn is a subspecies of unicorn blessed with a beautiful magenta mane. Aside from the brilliant splash of color and more adventurous bent, Pink Unicorns share many attributes of their cousins, known for being elusive and silent.
  • Size and Color: Standing 4 ½ inches tall, this pink unicorn extends 5 ½ inches from nose to tail. Aside from bright unicorn white, she displays a rich magenta in her mane, tail, and socks, along with tiny, multicolored flowers.
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Ever since a brave, adventurous unicorn journeyed through a terrible storm to seek a rainbow, her ancestors have been blessed with a splash of bright color in their manes, signifying they are Pink Unicorns—the rarest type of a rare breed. Pink Unicorns figure into few of the old tales because their interactions with humans are limited. They are far rarer than standard Unicorns, which are already an exceedingly rare species. While all Pink Unicorns are descended from the one adventurous spirit who braved a storm to seek a rainbow, they show their spirit still today by chasing storms and passing through rainbows, making these the best places to spy the beautiful, elusive creatures.


Legend tells of a brave Unicorn who wished one day to leave her quiet forest glade and see the world. She left during a torrential rainstorm and walked to the edge of the storm—the place where bright sun and dark clouds meet—and spied a rainbow. Entranced, she galloped toward the rainbow, passing through the array of colors. Forever after, her mane was a brilliant pink, a trait she passed on to her ancestors.

The line of the Pink Unicorn is unbroken; her descendants, a small adventurous family, live on, occasionally being spotted leaping through rainbows where sun and rain meet.

  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Size in cm: 14 L x
  • Size in inches: 5.51 L x
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